The Making of Ancestral Voices 2 Campaign

(November 27, 2013)


The Making of Ancestral Voices 2 Campaign

What will you contribute to the preservation of African History and Culture?   

Preserving African Philosophy Fundraiser (AV2) 
Check out the updated campaign video below which features some interview snippets from the upcoming film.

Black History Studies have an opportunity to become part of the making of Ancestral Voices 2 but we need your help.

Thank you to those who have donated so far. 


We hoped to raise £700 as a group to contribute towards the production of this essential historical resource. So far, we have collected £343 out of £700.

We believe in telling OUR OWN story and
supporting those with the skills to do so.
Donate £10 or more and you will receive one free entry ticketwhen Black History Studies conducts a private screening of Ancestral Voices 2.

Longbelly Entertainment Ltd are currently in production to create a sequel for the documentary with the aim of exploring the philosophies of African cosmologies and spiritual traditions across the continent and in the diaspora.

In their dedication and passion to get this project developed, they have invested their own funds once again and have so far secured interviews with well-respected scholars and practitioners, such as high Sanusi, Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa in South Africa, Prof James Small in the USA and Vodou high priest (Houngan), Max Beauvior and Bayyinah Bello (Historian) of Haiti.

They aim to cover much more including areas such as the African concept of the duality of the Creator/'God' and its direct connection to humanity through spirit (ethereal), as well as ritual practices for spiritually enhancing daily living amongst others.

"We need more independent film-makers offering a positive counter-balance to the barrage of negative media misrepresenting African people, culture and history" - Toyin Agbetu, Ligali 







Please support this initiative, as we at  

Black History Studies believe it is important to give a true balance to the representation to History as a whole  


What is culture? Ancestral Voices 2 campaign
What is culture? Ancestral Voices 2 campaign

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