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(February 10, 2012)
Google is sponsoring a conference that features white supremacists. Ask Google to denounce the event's hate speech and donate an equal amount to support tolerance and equality.
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Google is sponsoring a conference this week that features white supremacists, anti-gay activists, and one group classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "White Nationalist hate group."
One panel at this week's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC is called "The Failure of Multiculturalism," and it features the founder of a website that's claimed:
  • Black Americans have lower IQs than whites,
  • Jews are partly to blame for "weakening America's historic white majority," and
  • Multiculturalism is a "disease that is killing us."
So why is Google spending at least $20,000 to co-sponsor this event?
Aimee Castenell lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and she knows what it's like to be the target of hate speech. Her parents grew up in the Jim Crow-era South, and they were terrorized by fear, hate, and racism in every part of their lives. Aimee's also a big fan of Google, and she couldn't believe that Google would sponsor an event that tolerates white supremacy and hate speech.

Aimee started a petition on calling on Google to denounce the white supremacist hate speech featured at CPAC, and for the company to donate $20,000 - the sum it donated to CPAC - to causes that advance tolerance and equality.
When asked why it was sponsoring an event like this, Google replied that it wanted to reach "young people who are savvy about technology," according to Bloomberg News. But some of those young people attending CPAC have also advanced white supremacist ideas. One group, called "Youth for Western Civilization," has even claimed that white people were the victims of apartheid in South Africa.
Aimee wants Google to quickly distance itself from the white supremacists that are attending CPAC. The last thing a major company like Google wants is to be associated with this kind of hate speech -- if enough people sign Aimee's petition, the company will feel the pressure and take action to correct its error in sponsoring this conference.

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