(February 04, 2012)

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Since last year's National Black people's Day of Action (March, 2nd), five young Afrikan men have been killed at the hands of the police in extremely suspicious circumstances. The following is a synopsis of the dubious circumstances of their deaths.





Smiley Culture


On 15th of March, reggae star David Victor Emmanuel (aged 48) - aka Smiley Culture - died from two stab wounds to the heart at his home in Warlingham, Surrey, while police searched his home for drugs - which was never found. According to police reports Smiley Culture stabbed himself, when they allowed him to go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea; against normal operational procedures ie allowing a 'suspect' out of their sights; which could compromise the safety of the officers, the suspect himself and/or the success of the operation. Notably, handcuff imprints were found on his wrist, raising the question, "How could he have made himself a cup of tea and stabbed himself wearing handcuffs?


Kingsley Burrell


On 31st March, 29 year-old father of 2, Kingsley Burrell Brown, died in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where informed staff that he had been beaten up by the police. Bro Kingsley had called the police whilst out with his son, when he felt threatened by the behaviour of a group of boys. When the West Midlands Police arrived, instead of assisting Bro Kingsley, they forcibly arrested him with and his son and reportedly beat him up in full view of his son; an experience that will no doubt leave the infant with deep emotional and psychological scars for life. Reportedly, after 2 coroners' inquest the family is still no clearer as to the cause of death or why Bro Kingsley was arrested, having called the police himself.


Demetre Fraser


On 31st May, Demetre Fraser, aged 21, ended up dead after what should have been a routine tag check by West Midlands police. Bro Demetre was staying in Birmingham on bail as a result of a petty assault charge; from a compliant which was subsequently withdrawn. The official version of events is that Bro Demetre jumped from the 11th floor of the estate at the arrival of the Police. However, the family and eye witnesses attest that his injuries were not consistent with such a fall, but with having been beaten up. The family contend that Bro Demetre was looking forward to returning home, was by no means suicidal and neighbours attest that they heard some commotion coming from the flat. Notably, no one on the well populated and busy estate saw or heard Bro Demetre jump and the police have offered no explanation as to why a man who had been cooperating with them, would jump to his death at their appearance.


Mark Duggan


On 4th of Mosiah (August) 2011, 29 year old father of 4, Mark Duggan, was shot and killed by police, in Tottenham Hale, London. Reportedly, during a surveillance operation on suspicion of a planned revenge attack for the prior killing of his cousin, Bro Mark as a shot at the police, whereupon they returned fire killing him. However, the police account was subsequently found to be completely false by the IPCC. Since then a 'non-police gun' reported to have been found at the scene, and not on his person, reportedly bore no forensic evidence (ie fingerprints/DNA samples) linking Bro Mark to the gun.


Jacob Michael


On the 24th of August, Jacob Michael, aged 25, died after being savagely beating by 11 police officers, even as he was handcuffed, blinded by pepper spray; according to eye witnesses. Bro Jacob had called the police, after someone threatened him with a gun. But on arrival the police attempted to arrest him on "suspicion of causing an affray". Neighbour Ann Blease's give this shocking, sordid eye witness account:


"What the police did was outrageous... they didn't even have the decency to pull up his pants. They seemed to be kneeing him in the back of the head... They were all sat on him, giving him a kicking and...side digs... They started chasing him and hitting him in the back of the legs... "He couldn't even stand up after they'd hit him... They had banged his head on the floor... He was shouting, 'Help me, help me'. 'The officers threw him into the van by his arms and legs... It's an absolute disgrace. I don't think the police realise how many eye-witnesses there were. We were all shouting, "Get off him"... they didn't seem aware of us, or that there were kids watching. 'It lasted for 15 minutes..., and he was handcuffed the whole time.


All anomalies notwithstanding, the IPCC ie the State will exonerate the police of any responsibility for the unlawful killing of our people. To put an end to this, we must unite and build the National Afrikan People's Parliament!



In the words of the Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey:

Unite, Organise Now or Perish!

Rise, You Mighty People!


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