Racism in Sport

(December 11, 2011)
Racism in Sport
Suarez and Evra
Recent events both on and off the field of football have once again focused attention to the divisive subject of racism in sport.
Just two weeks ago the Liverpool striker Luiz Suarez was accused of using racist language against the Manchester United defender Patrice Evra. Subsequently the FA has decided to charge Suarez for using racist language.
This incident was followed a week later when the Chelsea and England captain, John Terry was alleged to have used racist language against the QPR defender Anton Ferdinand. This incident is currently being investigated by the police.
The whole issue about racism in football however was catapulted to the front pages of the broad sheet newspapers when Sepp Blatter, president for FIFA commented that 'there is no racism in football' and 'racist remarks can be settled by a handshake'. This remark only served to fuel further race hatred, with the Twitter accounts of black footballers being targeted by emboldened racists.
Just recently on 20th November the ex Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboue was pelted by missiles during the Galatasaray tie against Beskitas in Turkey. The disgraceful fact about this incident was the fact that there was no response from the officials, and the other players only reacting when Eboue attempted to leave the field.
Emmanuel Eboue
These series of incidents have not only damaged the image of football around the globe but unless tackled seriously, football will be spiralled back into the dark ages by the mindless and selfish actions of egotistical racists.

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