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Ongoing Programmes, Resources & Teacher Training at the Black Cultural Archives


Black Cultural Archives’ learning and exhibitions has the archive at the heart of its delivery, actively promoting the collections’  accessibility to the wider public.

The Learning Team are currently developing programmes that take account of its key audiences in two ways; informal (community organisations, adults, youth, families etc) and formal learning (schools, further, higher and adult education).

The Learning Team at Black Cultural Archives are working towards a programme of activity that  is initiated or  led by us, and has the archive collection at its core. We will be:

  • developing activities with archives already in place at Black Cultural Archives;
  • developing new partnerships which provide archive material for use in learning programmes;
  • forming reciprocal arrangements for use of materials that lies outside Black Cultural Archives’ collections;
  • engaging in learning activities where we can offer equal weight to a project or partnership.

The Learning Team are supported by the Learning Advisory Group (LAG), who contribute to the establishment of Black Cultural Archives’ learning resources and provide ideas and suggestions for future programmes.

If you would like to receive information about Learning programmes, resources and teacher training at the Black Cultural Archives email [email protected].